Hey there, friend... and welcome!!! I'm Keisha Kells, the proud owner and guiding force behind Build Your Dream, Life & Business Coaching – or, as many have come to know it, BYD™.

It’s one thing to talk about the transformative power of "The BYD Approach" and it's three distinct pathways, and it's another to live it—I know because I've done both. I've navigated the valleys and peaks of life countless times. From a background that unexpectedly led me away from formal education (ask me about that saga another time) to navigating the complex world of entrepreneurs with multi-8-figure portfolios, I've learned critical lessons. 

Notably, regardless of your origins or history, it's feasible to actualize the dreams you dare to envision. I stand as proof: a once-reluctant highly sensitive, risk averse introvert turned certified life coach, author, course creator, brand strategist, and entrepreneurial mentor. My journey has been dotted with blessings, undoubtedly, but not without the reliance on unwavering faith, gritty perseverance, and a relentless aspiration to live vibrantly, purposefully, and on my terms.

Many inquire about my entrepreneurial saga, and I’ll confess, it was a role I embraced reluctantly, amid protest and denial. Initially, I toiled in the shadows and then in partnership with my then, 'biz bestie,' crafting a modest branding agency. As I gradually emerged from behind the scenes, the calling to this vocation grew undeniable.

Why I answered the call… 

Imagine standing at the end of a long, stretching pier, looking out at an ocean brimming with exceptionally talented entrepreneurs. Some powerfully navigating the waters with grace and confidence, charting a course toward the horizons. 

While others remain adrift in stagnation close to shore. These are the visionaries whose potential lay dormant. Their vibrant dreams and innovations have been awakened, and yet they languish here, weighed down by one-size-fits-all advice that echoes hollow and fails to ignite the spark of transformation within them.

That’s where BYD Life & Business Coaching—step in. I know the sensation of being mired, unable to ascend, as intimately as I know the exhilaration of soaring after release. Success isn't about adhering to a timeworn trail; it’s about invigorating your unique strategy, ensuring your journey feels authentically yours.

With sleeves rolled up, I've plunged into these depths, having once stood paralyzed at the precipice of 'What-ifs,’ shrouded by a mist of uncertainty. But through those experiences, I've mastered the art of the leap—an art I'm passionate about sharing with you.

Envision me as your personal dream whisperer, eager to unlock the chains of monotony. Whether it's starting over to build a life you can love or ditching fear and low self concept to take big leaps of faith, I'm here to assist.

We'll address the obstacles head-on, propelling you to where everything you've longed for awaits. No aspiration is too modest or grand. Side by side, we'll embark on an extraordinary quest towards your personal "wow" moments.

Are you ready to conjure some greatness? Let's embark on this magical voyage together!

My personal journey...

yes, i'm ready!!!