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I teach new entrepreneurs how to build, brand & achieve the life of their dreams!

I'm Keisha Kells

A coaching partnership with me focuses on understanding what is happening right now, creating and maintaining motivation for change, creating plans for change, exploring obstacles and offering accountability. 

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Searching for the right coach to help you propel your life and biz forward can be tricky. All coaches have the same promise of helping you achieve the changes you wish to see in your life... but which one's can actually back it up?

As a brand strategist, international biz coach & certified life coach, I've helped hundreds of budding and experienced entrepreneurs combat things like overwhelm, imposter syndrome, decision fatigue, lack of direction and more! I'd love to partner with you in creating your next level in life...

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The greatest danger for most of us  is not that our aim is too high and we miss it. Rather, it's that we aim too low and we reach it.

- michelangelo

with a 15-minute intro call. During the call we'll take a deep dive into your unique needs and how to personalize your experience.

The Process

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During our call, I will recommend that best plan to suit your needs and current challenges.

Once you commit to the coaching process, you will meet 1-1 with me weekly or bi-weekly via video chat anytime, anywhere.




STEP ONE: Tell me about yourself 

STEP TWO: Select your coaching package.

STEP THREE: Schedule your first 1-1 video session. 

Bespoke Coaching

To outsiders you are successful... You have done all of the right things (well at least most of the time), but something in your life just isn't right. You find yourself working harder toward your goals but satisfaction and even happiness always feels like it's right around the corner. If any of this resonates with you, let me tell you, I understand exactly where you are!

You know in your heart it's time to make some changes in your life and your business but you don't know where to begin.

Working with me will help you to explore and clarify where you are exactly in your life and what you need to do to level up. Ongoing guidance and support during this process will help you create the impactful changes needed to elevate your life + biz.

Business Development

You are committed to your business and doing everything you can to make it successful. But now you want to go from surviving to thriving.

If this statement rings true for you, then this is your personal invitation to "get it together."

If you want to break free of the “doing-everything-yourself-and-struggling-while-everyone-else-seems-to-have-it-together” cycle, you have to do something different!

This means, No more playing small!!!

From strategy to obliterating old patterns, I'm here to help you gain clarity on what’s holding you back and how to bust through those barriers with ease.

Life Enrichment

Living by the motto “There’s always room to grow” together we'll build a plan of action to help you achieve your desired life through compassion, support and a deeper understanding of yourself.

challenging beliefs, examining behaviors and creating specific goals.

Getting "good at life" can be hard. After all, where do you go to learn such a skill? Maybe you are like many who have explored things like astrology, personality tests or even human design to improve the quality of your life... but at the end of the day, each of these things leave you with more questions about how to apply what you've discovered to the real world.

My Life Enrichment Coaching, offers a holistic approach where all aspects of life are addressed through proven coaching techniques – 

OMG!!! This wonderful woman, Keisha Kells, elevated my business to a whole new level!! Her professionalism, efficiency, knowledge, skills, and creativity is like none other!!

-Akiami McCoy

Keisha is a great branding coach.   She has helped me to dig deep and think about my own work on a deeper level.  She helped me to clarify my niche and bring my vision to fruition.  


If you are looking for someone to be honest, direct, transparent, and strategic in pulling your needs and wants from the chaos going on in your mind, Keisha is definitely the person for you.

- dr. tiffany zachary


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