helping trailblazing women create, craft & crush their life and business goals!

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Tired of going nowhere fast and you're ready to ditch that sinking, stuck in the mud feeling? If yes, let's join forces and delve into the heart of your entrepreneurial spirit, where our partnership will be built on a foundation of clarity, constructed with the bricks of motivation, and fortified by a custom strategy that embraces the complexities of your world!

Learn to navigate the ebbs and flows of your life as we map out your path, devise a plan to hurdle over obstacles, and stand tall against the winds of challenge. With an unwavering commitment to progress and me as your steadfast partner in accountability... transformation won't just be a vision—it'll be your reality.

let's Craft A Life &
Business You Adore

"As the architect of aspirations and Build Your Dream coach, I guide solo-preneurs to release internal blockages, sidestep the inner saboteur so they can leapfrog from dreams to reality with confidence and ease."

yes, i'm ready

In the sea of choices, finding a coach that resonates with your ambitions can seem daunting. While promises are plentiful, the proof is in the partnership—and the tangible triumphs that follow.

I'm Keisha Kells, a savvy Brand Strategist, Global Business Coach, and Certified Life Coach, AKA, your new biz bestie! My mission here at Build Your Dream Life & Business Coaching; BYD™, has been to empower a legion of entrepreneurs and trailblazing women who want more out of life and are ready to go after it.

From tackling overwhelm to conquering the specters of imposter syndrome; from shattering the shackles of fear and decision fatigue, to forging a compass for those wandering in search of direction—I've been the ally in the arena, championing change.

I'm here to elevate your journey, focusing on that pinnacle moment where your personal and professional lives don't just meet but flourish together. If this sounds like something you've been looking for... Let's converse, collaborate, and catapult you to your peak. It's time for your next level to unfold... Are you ready?

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The greatest danger for most of us  is not that our aim is too high and we miss it. Rather, it's that we aim too low and we reach it.

- michelangelo

Ready to turn your dreams to reality ?

Kick things off with a complimentary 15-minute introduction call. It's more than an icebreaker – it's our deep dive into the heart of your aspirations. We'll quickly unravel your unique needs to tailor a coaching experience that feels like it's designed just for you.

The Process

getting started is easy...

get started

In our conversation, I'll align my recommendations with your goals, handpicking the coaching package that best navigates the challenges you're facing. Consider me your personal strategist in crafting a journey that's uniquely yours.

Lock in your first one-on-one video session. This is where your blueprint for change transitions from sketch to structure. It's time to position yourself as the vanguard of your own evolution.




Step One: Share Your Story

Step Two: Choose Your Compass

Step Three: Initiate Transformation

The Life Saver

Do your finances paint a picture of success, but your personal canvas feels lacking? The "Life Saver" track is your gateway to internal richness. Here's what we focus on:

  • Discovering Your Core: We'll dive deep into the essence of what makes you tick, uncovering values, passions, and purpose.
  • Emotional Well-being: Let's strategize towards a healthier mindset and stronger emotional resilience, so you can enjoy the wealth you've created.
  • Life Harmony: We'll help balance the scales between work and life, ensuring one thrives without compromising the other.
  • Personal Breakthroughs: Together, we'll tackle challenges, transform them into growth opportunities, and craft a life that's not just successful, but meaningful and joyful.

The "Life Saver" coaching pathway is here to rescue your zest for life and help navigate the vast waters of personal fulfillment and on the road to attaining authentic joy!

The Biz Bestie

For the visionaries ready to take the business world by storm, welcome to "The Biz Bestie." Here's what you'll get:

  • Brand Strategy: We'll sculpt your ideas into a powerful brand narrative that resonates and elevates you above the competition.
  • Strategic Accountability: Consider me your business confidant, keeping you on track, focused, and in pursuit of your goals with unwavering support.
  • Growth Roadmapping: From ideation to execution, we lay down the blueprint for your ascent, taking you from where you are to where you're destined to be.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Through ongoing mentorship, we'll keep the entrepreneurial flame in your heart fiercely lit.

Think of "Biz Bestie" as the co-pilot in your entrepreneurial journey, navigating side by side with you, from takeoff to touchdown.

The Pivot Pathfinder

"The Pivot Pathfinder" is about finding your unique rhythm in the dance between safety and opportunity. Embark on a voyage from the familiar shores to the empowered peaks of potential that await you.

  • Personalized Risk Assessment: Together, we'll evaluate your comfort zone and identify the barriers that prevent you from taking bold steps.
  • Structured Goal-Setting: By breaking down ambitious objectives into manageable actions, we create a framework that makes progress attainable, yet comfortable.
  • Confidence Building: Small wins lead to big changes. We focus on fortifying your confidence with achievable challenges that align with your risk threshold.
  • Empowerment Strategies: Learn tools and techniques to gradually stretch your boundaries, empowering you to make decisions that lead to growth and success.
  • Supportive Progression: We provide a supportive environment to explore potential, ensuring that you feel secure every step of the way.

OMG!!! This wonderful woman, Keisha Kells, elevated my business to a whole new level!! Her professionalism, efficiency, knowledge, skills, and creativity is like none other!!

-Akiami McCoy

skills and creativity is like non other!!

Keisha is a great branding coach.   She has helped me to dig deep and think about my own work on a deeper level.  She helped me to clarify my niche and bring my vision to fruition.  


She has helped me to dig deep...

If you are looking for someone to be honest, direct, transparent, and strategic in pulling your needs and wants from the chaos going on in your mind, Keisha is definitely the person for you.

- dr. tiffany zachary

strategic in pulling your needs and wants...

Thank you!

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