Need Help Elevating from Stuck to Empowered?

This is for my newly minted solopreneurs who need a little extra help with taking big leaps. From risk assessments to confidence building you'll get the 1 on 1 support to make bountiful strides.

the pivot pathfinder

 Need an Ally in Amplifying Your Brand Ambitions?

This is for my  impact-preneurs mini-moguls, and online business owners looking to leverage their expertise and establish a more expansive online presence.

the biz bestie

Need to Unlock Your Joyful Journey from Within?

This is for my trailblazers whose finances paint a picture of success but need support with achieving balance, life satisfaction and feeling of internal happiness.

the Life Saver

Byd Life & Business Coaching Pathways



yes, count me in

"If there's a spark, let's ignite new possibilities!"

still on the fence?? I get you friend! I was just like you!

I can help with that... Book your complimentary, no-obligation consultation today, or simply drop us a message through our 'Contact Us' form for a straightforward start to your journey of transformation.

book a consultation

A: You can book a session or inquire further via our contact form on the website or by emailing us directly at We're here to answer any questions and help you get started.

Q: How do I book a session or find out more about your services?

A: Our philosophy is that personal and professional development are intertwined. We strive for holistic growth, tailoring our approach to each individual’s unique journey towards success and happiness.

Q: What is your coaching philosophy?

A: We recommend starting with a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and challenges. Based on this, we can advise which track, or a combination thereof, might best suit your needs

Q: How do I know which coaching track is right for me?

A: The assessment is comprehensive, taking into account your personal risk tolerance, past experiences, and current barriers to change. We then craft a plan that pushes your boundaries gently but effectively.

Q: What kind of risk assessment does the Pathfinder Pivot track include?

A: While the duration can vary based on individual needs, most clients see significant progress within a 3-6 month timeframe. However, many clients choose to continue with ongoing support to ensure continued growth and achievement.

Q: How long does a typical coaching engagement last?

A: The Life Saver path is designed for individuals who are financially stable but seeking inner fulfillment and happiness. If you’re looking to improve your personal life, enrich relationships, and find deeper satisfaction, this service is a perfect fit.

Q: Who can benefit from the Life Saver coaching pathway?


 the sessions were filled with motivation...

The sessions with Keisha helped me to build the dream I have been carrying and talking about for several years. The open and honest process I received was worth every minute I spent working to give birth to my dream.

-Cheryl B.