5 Morning Routines for a Productive Day

Each morning is the start of a new day and a fresh canvas for productivity. How you choose to wield those first hours can color your entire day with success. Here are five morning routines that promise to prime your day for peak performance:

1. The Mindful Morning

Before checking the digital flood of emails and the buzz of your phone sweeps you into the business of the day, try taking a moment for mindfulness. You can achieve this by going to a quiet corner and spending the first 10 minutes of your day meditating. This practice centers your mind, enabling you to approach the day’s tasks with calm focus. For an added bonus you can imagine yourself inhaling the possibilities of a new day, and exhaling yesterday’s worries—understanding that the present is your place of power.

2. Energizing with Exercise

Who needs coffee when you’ve got endorphins? Make exercise a part of your morning routine—be it a brisk walk, a series of yoga poses, or a high intensity full blown workout. Doing this naturally kickstarts your metabolism as well as awaken your senses. Morning exercise is not just good for your health; it’s a declaration of your dedication to self-care and discipline. Not to mention, making your body strong, has the added bonus of making you look good and when you look good you feel good!

3. Nutritious Nourishment

Powering your day with fuel that lasts, with a healthy balanced breakfast, is like putting premium gas in your car. It jump-starts your digestion and supplies you with the energy needed to tackle your to-do list. Having water with breakfast and throughout the day works wonders too. Staying hydrated gives your brain and body what they need to perform well. Think of your breakfast as the first task you ace every day.

4. Prioritize and Plan

With your body fueled and your mind centered, it’s time to structure your day. Before you hit the ground running ask yourself what are the top three tasks that will make this day a definitive win? Write them down to serve as a roadmap for your day. This does wonders for your psyche and it will serve as a blueprint of success as you tick off each task throughout the day. This also helps with preventing time from leaking into unimportant distractions.

5. The Daily Boost

Words have the power to elevate, motivate, and inspire. With this in mind, it’s a good practice to embed a positive affirmation, an inspirational quote, or a piece of wisdom into your morning routine. It will be like programming your mental GPS to win the day. So what’s your mantra for the day? Be sure to repeat it and believe it! This is your thematic backdrop for the day… the soundtrack to your daily montage of greatness. Like Coach Prime says to his team when preparing to head out for a game, “Give me my theme music!”

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on 5 Morning Routines for a Productive Day. Implementing one or all of these routines can revamp the quality of your days and will have you on your way to being the most productive version of yourself. Embrace it with open arms and an eager heart.